I definitely didn’t buy any books, DVDs or string. Why do you ask? Day 2/67

My backpack of bricks and weights was waiting faithfully for me. I now know it’s 24.6kg, but I didn’t yesterday when I did this – in roughly 55mins.

Wrote my first letter to the Advertiser (watch this space).

Doomwatched the NSW press conference. They’re going to go into a lockdown that will make Victoria last year look like a key party.

I wrestled futilely with the MySAGov app and its covid QR code check in thing. Sigh. Was able to download other things though, and a fringe benefit was that I was able to start subscribing to GND Podcast and listen to three Labour councillors in Manchester talking about environmental politics. The “trust us” and “these things take time” angle was depressing af, obvs.

Went to a charity shop. Bought electronic scales (thus the 24.6kg) and some string (how long? Twice half its length) and then to another charity shop and definitely did not emerge from these two thus.

Browsed for other stuff (a 10lb medicine ball – no luck). Sat in a park and marvelled at Nevil Shute’s skill (am re-reading Requiem for a Wren, for the first time in 30ish years).

For non-fiction shiggles I am reading “The High Road: What Australia can learn from New Zealand” by Laura Tingle. Fascinating stuff!

Dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called Chu’s, to celebrate my dad’s 82nd birthday. Thought about staying up for Wimbledon, but that thing about old people (e.g. me) needing less sleep turns out not to be true.

Did some close-of-play writing…. And here we are, Sunday morning. Will watch Insiders, get swabbed (on the third day after release), watch a Kurosawa film and hang out, and write some Climate Emergency Manchester stuff and some actual might-get-me-a-job stuff. Will get up early for the sportsball, I guess…

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