Technological innovation

Innovation (incremental, radical etc) in the ‘hard’ stuff (physical, software, etc).

it is first important to define a ‘technological innovation’. Engineering, marketing, management and even economics provide unique spins as to what is considered an innovation. A review of this literature reveals that the 1991 OECD [44] study on technological innovations best captures the essence of innovations from an overall perspective: ‘Innovation’ is an iterative process initiated by the perception of a new market and/or new service opportunity for a technology-based invention which leads to development, production, and marketing tasks striving for the commercial success of the invention.

(Garcia and Calantone, 2002: 112) citation is – [44] OECD The nature of innovation and the evolution of the productive system. technology and productivity-the challenge for economic policy, OECD, Paris (1991), pp. 303–314

Garcia, R. and Calantone, R. 2002. A critical look at technological innovation typology and innovativeness terminology: a literature review. Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 19, pp.110-132.


see also Technological Innovation System,  social innovation (as if the two are distinct!)

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