Ecological Modernisation

Belief in ‘win-win’ solutions (often market-based, if given a push by states) that technology could square the circle of infinite growth on a finite planet.

Looking more and more threadbare these days, and never dealt properly with Jevons Paradox, natch.


“Accompanying this shift in perceptions of economic interests, the ‘win-win’ discourse of ‘ecological modernization’ (Hajer, 1995), which asserts the mutuality of business and environmental interests, has rapidly gained ground in the climate debate (Casten, 1998; Romm, 1999). Ecological modernization puts its faith in the technological, organizational, and financial resources of the private sector, voluntary partnerships between government agencies and business, flexible market-based measures, and the application of environmental management techniques (Hart, 1997; Schmidheiny, 1992). The win-win paradigm is a key discursive foundation for the emerging climate compromise and a more stable historical bloc.”
(Levy and Egan, 2003: 821)

Levy, D.L. and Egan, D. 2003. A neo-Gramscian Approach to Corporate Political Strategy: Conflict and Accommodation in the Climate Change Negotiations. Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 40, (4), pp.803-29.

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