Based on very limited experience. What other tips do people have? A quick google finds these 21 Tips for creating a successful writing collaboration 5 tips (very little overlap) This looks good too Here's mine Big things Be very clear about what you are trying to write (which questions you are trying to answer, what... Continue Reading →

#Awalkinthepark – discursive institutionalism yet again

Four  papers here, the fourth of which doesn’t quite ‘fit’, but never mind… The TL;DR is that Discursive Institutionalism is a pretty powerful (too powerful?) way of looking at policy change/lack of change. Schmidt, V. 2010. Taking ideas and discourse seriously: explaining change through discursive institutionalism as the fourth ‘new institutionalism’. European Political Science Review,... Continue Reading →

#Awalkinthepark – “Think” tanks,  denialists, renewables and (neo)institutional theory

Four articles this time (one a re-read) Zimmerman, E. 2016. Discursive Institutionalism and Institutional Change. In Zimmerman, E. 2016. Think Tanks and Non-Traditional Security. London: Palgrave Macmillan. McKewon, E. 2012.  Talking Points Ammo: The use of neoliberal think tank fantasy themes to delegitimise scientific knowledge of climate change in Australian newspapers. Journalism Studies, Vol. 13... Continue Reading →

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