Hubristic theories of policy mixes (Kieron Flanagan etc).

However, recognizing that policy mixes can also be intentionally designed through ‘patching’ or repairing inconsistencies in the previous policy mixes (Howlett and Mukherjee 2014) to overcome lock-in—much in the same way as software designers issue patches for their operating systems and programmes to correct flaws or allow them to adapt to changing circumstances—is a critical insight into design processes with which contemporary design studies are beginning to grapple with.
Distinguishing between policy-packaging and policy patching as two methods of attaining the same goal—the heightened coherence, consistency, and congruence of complementary policy elements coupled with a better fit between tools and their context—is a needed step towards the design of more resilient and flexible climate change policies.

Nair and Howlett 2015.

See also policy-packaging

See also kludge, palimpsest, bricolage etc etc

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