Books I definitely did not buy today

Down to Withington to get anti-worming stuff from the vet for the stripey monster (and tell captive audience a terrible joke) get someone to succeed in shutting my "talking shoe" up buy new (second-hand) jeans. As Mr. Loaf sings, two outa three ain't bad.  And I absotively posilutely did not buy four books for the... Continue Reading →

Boxer’s disease

"Boxer could not get beyond the letter D. He would trace out A, B, C, D in the dust with his great hoof, and then would stand staring at the letters with his ears back, sometimes shaking his forelock, trying with all his might to remember what came next and never succeeding. On several occasions,... Continue Reading →

Blog- Thurs 6 to Sun 9 July

Thursday 6 Around the park  five times Two hours at microfiche tracking down crucial newspaper articles for the carbon tax 1994/1995 story. Dead useful, developed a couple of new tricks of how to get the info v. quickly Good meeting with a research librarian, who was super helpful, and put me onto an academic I... Continue Reading →

Blog Days 4 and 5

So, Monday night I got the parentals, both former hacks, to proof read an article about the interesting comments of a renewables engineer. They did this with aplomb, and I sent the thing off. Tuesday 4th Walked around the park again (5 laps, this time with three logs in the backpack) and then got on... Continue Reading →

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