Policy mix

Superb/must-read article by Flanagan et al.-

The innovation policy debate has changed in recent years. Policy makers, scholars and analysts alike increasingly focus on challenges stemming from policy complexity. This shift in emphasis is exemplified by the uptake of the term ‘policy mix’. Imported from economic policy debates, it implies a focus on interactions and interdependencies between different policies as they affect the extent to which policy goals are realised. Despite these aspirations to a more realistic approach towards policy complexity, there is a risk that complexity is simply ‘black boxed’ and rendered unproblematic.

(Flanagan et al., 2011:702)

Flanagan, K. Uyarrra, E. and Laranja, M. 2011. Reconceptualising the ‘policy mix’ for innovation. Research Policy, Vol. 40, pp. 702-713.

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