Magpie 22 – 1992 Environment Week in #Manchester

Niven, M. (1992)  Environment Week. Magpie, 22, p10.

Environment Week

By Merton Niven

It’s that time of year again, when a multitude of Green organisations get out and do things to the environment. Manchester Wildlife considers that every week is Environment Week so we have decided to pace ourselves during the official Environment Week so that we don’t end up, as last year, burnt out wrecks and feeling we needed a month to recover.

We start off with a clean up at Hough End Clough (details on events sheet). We will have to take care as we know that Kingfishers are present and it is possible they may be nesting. This would not surprise us as we know they are no longer using their former site on Chorlton Brook, at Ivy Green, where the NRA undertook canalisation work, last year. The event at Hough End is being organised jointly by ourselves, the City Park Wardens, the Mersey Basin Trust and the Friends of Hough End and as well as tidying-up, meadow wildflowers will be planted. We hope our members will make this a successful event by turning out to support us.

The second Sunday of the week (24th May) is down on the official programme as a day of reflection but we will be having a wildflower survey of the Bridgewater Canal/Castlefield Basin area and would appreciate assistance from members, particularly those with plant identification skills. (See events list.) This will leave the remainder of the week free for you to take part in any local events which have been organised. Details should be in the press and the Manchester Magazine. So get out there and have fun, but use the week to appreciate and help the environment, and don’t overdo it, we may need your assistance during our other 51 environment weeks.//

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