From here you’ll find links to any number of pages, about people (alphabetical by surname), documents, events etc. What do they have in common? I want to write (something) about them for the Australia section of my thesis. Wish me luck!

2010 Green proposal for a carbon tax

Abbott, Tony (politician. Leader of Opposition 2009-2013. Prime Minister 2013-2015)

aNiMaLS – National Media Liaison Service

Australia 2020 summit (April 2008)

Australian Business Roundtable on Climate Change

Australian Coal Association (ACA)

Australian Coal Association Conference 1988

Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)

Australian Energy Market Commission

Australian Energy Market Operator

Australian Energy Market Regulator

Australian Greenhouse Office

Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN)

Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)

“Australia’s Low Pollution Future”  – see White Paper on CPRS December 2008

Business Council of Australia (BCA)

Brown, Bob (Green Party politician)

Carbon Farming Initiative

CFMEU (trade union)

Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Climate Change Authority

Climate Commission

Citizens Assembly 2011 proposal to de-dramatise the climate issue)


Commission for the Future

CEF (2011 legislation)

CPRS (2008-9 legislation)

Direct Action Plan

Energy White Paper 2004 “Securing Australia’s Energy Future”

Evans, Ray

Federal Election 1972

Federal Election 1974

Federal Election 1975

Federal Election 1977

Federal Election 1980

Federal Election 1983

Federal Election 1984

Federal Election 1987

Federal Election 1990

Federal Election 1993

Federal Election 1996

Federal Election 1998

Federal Election 2001

Federal Election 2004

Federal Election 2007

Federal Election 2010 (resulting in hung parliament, and minority government of Julia Gillard)

Federal Election 2013

Federal Election 2016

Ferguson, Martin (Labor politician)


Four phases of (recent) party development in Australia

Garnaut, Ross (economist)

Garnaut Review (report commissioned in 2007, delivered in 2008, updated in 2011)


Green Paper on CPRS (July 2008)

Greenpeace Australia (NGO)

Gillard, Julia (deputy opposition leader 2006-7. Deputy PM 2007-2010. Prime Minister 2010-2013)

Green Party

Hawke, Bob

Henry Review

Hewson, John

Howard, John (Australian Prime Minister, 1996-2007)

Joyce, Barnaby (politician, National Party)

Institute of Public Affairs (IPA)

Keating, Paul

Keep Mining Strong ($22m advertising campaign 2010)

Kelly, Paul

Kelly, Ros

Labor Party

Lawrence, Neil

“Let’s Cut Emissions Not Jobs” (ACA advertising campaign 2009)

Liberal Party (conservative party)

Milne, Christine (Green Party politician)

Midnight Oil

Minchin, Nick (Liberal Party)

Minerals Council of Australia (formerly known as Australian Mining Industry Council)

Mining. This is Our Story (advertising campaign 2011)

Morgan, Hugh

MPCCC (Multi-party Committee on Climate Change)

National Climate Change Summit 31 March 2007

National Party (rural party)

NewGen Coal (advertising campaign 2008)

“No carbon tax under the government I lead” (statement by Julia Gillard in 2010 election)

Peak Conservation Organisation

Petroleum Resource Rent Tax 1987

Poseiden bubble

Richardson, Graham – former Environment Minister

Rudd, Kevin (Prime Minister from 2007-2010, and then again in 2013)

Say Yes coalition (2011)

Southern Cross Climate Coalition

Tanner, Lindsay

The Australia Institute

The Climate Institute

Treasury modelling 2008

Treasury modelling 2011

Toyne, Phillip

Turnbull. Malcolm (now Prime Minister. Opposition Leader until December 1st 2009)

Swan, Wayne (ex Treasurer)

Utegate (2009, Godwin Grech and all that)

Victorian Labor factional politics

White Paper on CPRS (December 2008)

Wong, Penny

WWF- Australia

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