Film review; Bag It

How many innocents lose their lives, In the gloss of the packaging? Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay, by the great British punk singer TV Smith. Bag It is a good documentary, in the vein of Roger and Me (where Michael Moore tried to get a face-to-face interview with a General Motors chairman), Supersize Me  (where a now-disgraced film-maker... Continue Reading →

Film Review: The Mummy

"The horror, the horror" said Kurtz.  He may have been talking about this film, which as a horror movie is a horror. Tom Cruise is some sort of US army Indiana Jones (I'd love to see his job description) who stumbles on a tomb in Iraq of an Egyptian naughty daddy-killing and inevitably not-quite-dead princess,... Continue Reading →

Film Review: Love and Friendship

Not a huge Austen fan (that says more about me than her, perhaps?) but there were quite a few laugh-out-loud moments in this film, based on a novella that wasn’t published until 50 years after she’d snuffed it  (there IS a novella of hers called Love and Friendship, but the film is based on another... Continue Reading →

Star Wars non-review. Good links

I was going to review Star Wars The Farce Awakens. Actually can't be bothered.  Here below are the links I had accumulated that were pretty cool. The wife liked it, but then she has had years of practice at keeping her expectations reaaaallllly low. Retro-futures and lack of imagination On the gender dynamic and here.... Continue Reading →

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