Issue linkage

What entrepreneurs (problem or policy) may try to do if it suits them – to try to expand the pool of people ‘on their side’, to make life harder for the status quo defenders).

Risky though, because can look opportunistic and rebound on you…

And while your support might seem a mile wide, it might only be an inch deep…

“Therefore, issue linkages that are successful in creating minimum winning coalitions are likely to inhibit implementation because they do not help sustain those coalitions.”

(Zahariadis and Exadaktylos. 2016;65)

Zahariadis, N. and Exadaktylos, T. 2016. Policies that Succeed and Programs that Fail: Ambiguity, Conflict, and Crisis in Greek Higher Education. Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 44 (1), p. 59-82.

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