Looting the Ivory Tower: on the plausibility of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees

"The plausibility of a 1.5°C limit to global warming Social drivers and physical processes" https://youtu.be/YRiE-ZQtYpk It's a report by some folks in Hamburg. You can read the report here https://cliccs.uni-hamburg.de/about-cliccs/news/2023-news/2023-01-31-pm-climate-futures-outlook.html… We're just not acting fast enough. We've got one foot lightly (VERY) lightly on the brake, and a lead foot on the gas (aka accelerator).... Continue Reading →

Dr Juggles and the Energy Quadrilemma

Using juggling as a metaphor for dealing not only with the energy "trilemma" - of security of supply, price and climate change, but the energy quadrilemma - all the other environmental problems too... Rough as a badger's... bottom, but you get the idea. You're allowed to a) laugh (at/with/whatever - we all need a laugh)... Continue Reading →

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