Policy Stream

In Multiple Stream Analysis, the policy stream must be combined (or flooded with, if you take Winkel and Leipold (2016) with the other two streams – problems and politics– before things move on to seeming to be done.

“the policy world Kingdon envisioned can be better visualized as one composed of distinct subsets of actors who engage in one specific type of interaction involved in the definition of policy problems: either the articulation of problems, the development of solutions, or their enactment. Rather than involve all subsystem ac-tors, this article argues that three separate sets of actors are involved in these tasks(Mukherjee and Howlett, 2015:65)

Mukherjee, I. and Howlett, M. 2015. Who Is a Stream? Epistemic Communities, Instrument Constituencies and Advocacy Coalitions in Public Policy-Making. Politics and Governance, Vol. 3, (2), pp.65-75.

See also instrument constituencies (groups of actors trying to push their particular solution to ‘the problem’.

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Process Stream (MSA)

Programme Stream (MSA)

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