Hibernation review

I wanted to like this. I wanted to be able to say “new play”…”climate change”…”thought-provoking” … “go see.” But although “Hibernation” – set in a future where to buy us more time to sort out the climate crisis, almost all the humans on earth are put into a year-long coma - is well-staged and very... Continue Reading →

Stranded asses- speaking out of rear-ends as rear-guard action. Fossil incumbents protecting their assets as #climate change becomes inescapable

There’s a technique I am beginning to see more and more (1).  The inevitably laughable COP26 looms, and yet another “we’re screwed” climate report [e.g. IPCC WG1 6AR] is out. In response, fossil fuel companies are either heading for the exits as best they can OR they are claiming that they are part of the... Continue Reading →

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