Policy mess

“Climate-change policy typifies what has been described as a `policy mess’ (O’Riordan and Jordan, 1996), that crosses the boundaries of government departments and policy communities and is therefore vulnerable to coordination problems, conflicts between policy communities, and tensions between areas of policy. Policies that are implemented within this broader `policy mess’, such as renewable-energy policy, are reliant on policy community members working together, and with others, to achieve government objectives (Smith, 1997 cited in Bulkeley, 2000). Marsh and Rhodes (1992) describe the negotiations through which different groups work together for a common purpose as being a continuous process of `coalition building’, with coalitions, linked by resource interdependencies, being essential to the policy process.”

Mander, S. 2008. The role of discourse coalitions in planning for renewable energy: a case study of wind-energy deployment. Environment and Planning C. volume 26, pages 583 ^ 600  (Quote is from p.584)

the citatioon is to

O’RiordanT, Jordan A, 1996. Social institutions and climate change”, in Politics of Climate Change: A European Perspective Eds T O’Riordan, J Jager, (Routledge, London) pp 65 ^ 106



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