Magpie 25 – Wake Up The World is Dying”

Warwick, H. (1993) Wake Up The World is Dying. Magpie 25, p.4-5.

On Thursday the 28th of January, I am going to commit an illegal act. With some 400 other people, I am taking a protest to Parliament. It is illegal to demonstrate within one mile of Parliament.

In November last year I was one of a large group of people who took part in a lobby of Parliament. We presented our MPs with copies of the Forest Charter and asked them to highlight our concerns to the House (If you would like to see a copy of the Charter, please contact me). However, since then, not one single piece of legislation has been promised. This would indicate that our MPs are unaware of two important points: that there is a broad base of support for the cause we espouse, and, more importantly; that small scattered indigenous groups whose home is the forest, who have lived there in harmony for thousands of years, are being systematically slaughtered in the name of greed.

The earth is currently undergoing the fastest rate of species extinction it has ever experienced. Many species, that have never been described, are lost each day as their homes, the forests, are destroyed. Why are the forests being destroyed and the land being raped? Greed is the only answer. Greed of the multinational companies who yearn for greater profits from mineral extraction, greed of those people who insist on having tropical hardwood fixtures in their homes, the greed of our ‘friendly’, ‘listening’ banks, who, despite pressure from the United Nations and the Rio Summit, insist that they have to have their debts repaid.

So, why should such an international issue be voiced in a local magazine? Well, did you know that 80% of this country used to be covered by Ancient Woodland, and that now only 1.5% is left? You would have thought that this small remaining area would be safe, but it isn’t. The same motivating force which destroys the Amazon Rainforest is at work in this green and pleasant land. Greed. Why does Sainsburys want yet another superstore on a superb area of Species Rich Wildflower Meadow at Bruntwood Park?

I could carry on a rant about all the destruction that occurs at home and abroad, but it is well documented. I am going to the Houses of Parliament, risking arrest, to highlight the continual destruction of our planet, not just in exotic locations, but in our own backyard. I hope that you will support me in this, and that the editor will let me tell you what happened in the next Magpie.

Editor’s Note: I welcome hearing more, it should liven up the next issue!  Hugh Warwick is a member of Manchester Wildlife; he also does voluntary work for other conservation organisations such as Earth First and The One World Centre. Hugh can be contacted at home, Tel. No. 881 6956.

You can follow Hugh on Twitter – @hedgehoghugh 

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