12 years a slave to the rhetoric

[Update 13 Jan 2019: hmm, this blog has been put somewhere on facebook and had some click throughs. Could someone share the link in the comments? Curious to see what/if any comments. ALSO, this latest post on this site may be of interest- "Infiltration and environmental movements - what is to be done?"]   It's... Continue Reading →

Event report: PIECES of advice about (energy) policy engagement #EnergyPIECES

On Monday 10th December about 60 PhD students and ECRs (early career researchers) gathered in Cambridge for an interesting event, with the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin title "Engaging with energy policy: a masterclass for Social Sciences & Humanities PhD and early-career researchers." Hosted by the Centre for Science and Policy (Cambridge University) and the Global Sustainability Institute at... Continue Reading →

Ehre heads. On the (f)utility of theory

Short post but hopefully not a shitpost. Went to a thing recently.  There was a good 'sweeping overview' history of the twentieth century around Keynesianism/neoliberalism (though it undersold the importance of ICT and containerisation for my taste). Halfway through I scrawled to a colleague "Five quid says he says nothing/has nothing to say about 'what... Continue Reading →

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