As of 7th July 2014

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Books to get (from Store collection at U of Mcr)
Energy and climate / Geophysics Study Committee, Geophysics Research Board, Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Research Council.
National Research Council. Geophysics Study Committee.
Washington : National Academy of Sciences 1977
Available at Store (Main Library) Store (551.56 N15 )

Guccione, Eugene – Sept 1975

The New Breed of Environmentalists
Author Guccione, Eugene
Society / Organization AIME
Summary / Abstract Upholding individual rights-and abhorring power politics-a newly formed group of young professionals is developing private nongovernmental solutions to environmental problems.
Format PDF
File Size 251.0k
Specifications v 7.0 / 300 dpi
Copyright Date 1/1/76
Publication Date 1/4/76
Digitization Date 4/17/08
Book Title Mining Engineering 1976 Vol XXVIII
Chapter April 1976 – The New Breed of Environmentalists
Pages 3

The need for systems research on global climate change
Volume 5, Issue 3, September 1988, Pages: 225–240, Fred B. Wood Jr

Australian Journal of Environmental Management Volume 1, Issue 2, 1994

Attitudes of Australians Towards the Environment: 1975 to 1994

This article presents an overview of community attitudes in Australia towards the environment, covering the period 1975 to 1994, based on the evidence of a range of surveys. Results of opinion polls which rank environment with other issues are presented, and indicate that the environment has maintained its importance. One-off surveys of community environmental attitudes are examined in respect of the community’s ranking of the environment compared with other objectives, particularly economic development. These indicate a strong pro-environmental preference of the Australian community. The dominant environmental concerns are pollution and waste, followed by loss of biodiversity; natural resource issues such as land degradation; urban issues; and finally, the global topics of ozone depletion and population. Conclusions presented cover the need for continuous monitoring of community attitudes, and the value of such surveys in showing governments and business that the Australian community does care about the environment.

Lobby Groups and Front Groups: Industry Tactics in the Climate Change Debate
By Hodder, Patrick
Melbourne Journal of Politics , Vol. 34 , Annual 2009 [Actually, I’ve got his thesis, submitted after this…]

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