My PhD – a poster

On Wednesday there's a "Methods Fair" at University of Manchester. If you can come, vote for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!! PS This is already out of date, in that I've got some fancier methods to play with than I knew about when I threw this poster together.  The cartoons, to emphasise, are from the amazing Marc Roberts. PS... Continue Reading →

Activist Fictions…

The article below appeared in the latest issue of the essential-reading “Peace News.” (subscribe here.) Activist Fictions The absurdly handsome activist bit his lip. The Peace News crew were threatening mil-itary action if the final extended deadline for a 2000 word essay on “Activism and Fiction” was missed. The clock was most definitely two minutes... Continue Reading →

Re-watching “The Wire”

The game's the game.  (I would add "truedat" but then my wife would be forced to buy a train ticket, travel for 3 and a half hours to raise the eyebrow of death/slap me/kill me (depending on whether there was functioning wifi in first class).    

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