Looting the Ivory Tower: on the plausibility of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees

"The plausibility of a 1.5°C limit to global warming Social drivers and physical processes" https://youtu.be/YRiE-ZQtYpk It's a report by some folks in Hamburg. You can read the report here https://cliccs.uni-hamburg.de/about-cliccs/news/2023-news/2023-01-31-pm-climate-futures-outlook.html… We're just not acting fast enough. We've got one foot lightly (VERY) lightly on the brake, and a lead foot on the gas (aka accelerator).... Continue Reading →

Dr Juggles and the Energy Quadrilemma

Using juggling as a metaphor for dealing not only with the energy "trilemma" - of security of supply, price and climate change, but the energy quadrilemma - all the other environmental problems too... Rough as a badger's... bottom, but you get the idea. You're allowed to a) laugh (at/with/whatever - we all need a laugh)... Continue Reading →

Video: What is absorptive capacity?

And here is the script that I more or less stumbled through. So, what is absorptive capacity? According to the seminal 1990 article by Cohen and Levinthal it's "a firm's ability to recognize the value of new information, assimilate it, and apply it to commercial ends" Extending this, Zahra and George (2002) say it is... Continue Reading →

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