Magpie 46 – Local Agenda 21 in Manchester

Magpie 46 – Local Agenda 21 in Manchester

Phelps, A. (1999)  Local Agenda 21 in Manchester . Magpie 46, p.6

There was a report on LA21 in the spring “Magpie”. We apologise if you were left with the impression of a lack of confidence in future developments. We’re on the move with action going out to the community level. We, and other interested groups, have been attending meetings with Manchester Leisure Services to decide the way forward as regards  the Council’s management of its land. This includes parks and river valley areas. 

The actions taken by the Council, on their own land, are being discussed under several headings. For example; bio-diversity: how to improve it; biomass: how to make best use of it; land management and pesticide use. Each of these subjects were examined to decide what needs to be done to improve the situation; should the council be doing it (or an outside agency) and the best way to achieve the objective. 

The first subject discussed was biomass. This is the use of any-thing which grows on Council land; from grass to trees. Grass, leaves and any other light vegetation could be composted. This would save outlay on fertiliser and peat. Any trees which need felling could be used for firewood, charcoal or even furniture. It was agreed that all materials should be put to best value use. The Council, being landowners, were in the best position to do the work but there could be some outside contracting. This would present opportunities to provide employment for local people. `

There is a lot to discuss, and we are still in the early stages, so there will be a more comprehensive article about Local Agenda 21. in the next “Magpie”. 

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