Historical bloc

Gramsci, eh, doncha just love him?

A hegemonic social structure, or a ‘historical bloc’ in Gramscian terms, rests on a specific configuration of societal groups, economic structures, and concomitant ideological superstructures. A historical bloc exercises hegemony through the coercive and bureaucratic authority of the state, dominance in the economic realm, and the consensual legitimacy of civil society. Gramsci used the term historical bloc to refer to the alliances among various social groupings and also, more abstractly, to the alignment of material, organizational, and discursive formations which stabilize and reproduce relations of production and meaning
(Levy and Egan, 2003: 806)

Levy, D.L. and Egan, D. 2003. A neo-Gramscian Approach to Corporate Political Strategy: Conflict and Accommodation in the Climate Change Negotiations. Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 40, (4), pp.803-29.

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