Global Production Networks


“Global Production Networks (GPN) is a concept in developmental literature which refers to “the nexus of interconnected functions, operations and transactions through which a specific product or service is produced, distributed and consumed.”

A great TV Smith song (there’s very few examples of non-great TV Smith songs) has it – “did this xxxx  travel from the space race to the tip of my tongue? how many innocents died in the gloss of the packaging?”

My favourite book on this is Jeffrey Wilson on Steel production and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Here’s a couple of blog posts about seminars that included talk of global production networks

A blog post about invisible women, slow violence academic lacunae

A blog post I did about global value chains; Outa Tuna with the natural world

My review of an excellent book by Jeffrey Wilson on Governing Global Production: Resource Networks in the Asia-Pacific Steel Industry.

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