I’m an Australian/British academic living in Manchester UK (mostly).  I am interested in a bunch of things – technological change, social change (and lack of it), climate change (accelerating and) and much else.  I write for The Conversation.  I’m interested in the mechanisms of inertia – how groups avoid making changes that would undercut the power of those in charge. That includes within social movement organisations, and my work on that invokes cheerful terms like ‘smugosphere‘, ‘ego-fodder‘ and ‘emotathons‘, to list but a few of my neologisms.

“Educated” in Australia, England, California, I’ve been an an aid worker,a teacher (sort of), cinema usher, telephone operator, health care professional etc. Currently a research associate at Keele University, having completed my PhD at University of Manchester in 2019.  Extremely lucky to call this incredibly intelligent and talented woman “wifey”. Not the most popular guy you’ll ever meet.  So it goes.

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