“TIS and six criticisms”

This paper is a response to six criticisms made of the authors' "baby" - the Technlogical Innovation Systems appraoch. Markard, J., Hekkert, M and Jacobsson, S. 2015. The technological innovation systems framework: Response to six criticisms. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 16, 76–86 They take each one in turn, give what seems to be to my inexpert... Continue Reading →

‘Treasury Control’ and the British Environmental State: The Political Economy of Green Development Strategy in UK Central Government

This was damned good Craig, M. 2020. ‘Treasury Control’ and the British Environmental State: The Political Economy of Green Development Strategy in UK Central Government New Political Economy. 25 (1) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/13563467.2018.1526269  As the epigram wants you to understand, this is not new.  “Treasury control is something that you live under, that you suffer from, that you profit by; and... Continue Reading →

“Designing industrial strategy for a low carbon transformation”

Busch, J, Foxon, T. and Taylor, P. 2018. Designing industrial strategy for a low carbon transformation, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 29 (2018) 114–125, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eist.2018.07.005 Much meaty goodness in this comprehensive overview of green industrial policy and the literature around it... The authors "draw on and combine insights from neo-Schumpeterian (evolutionary) and ecological economics perspectives to... Continue Reading →

“The innovation and industry dynamics of technology phase-out in sustainability transitions: Insights from diversifying petroleum technology suppliers in Norway”

Another absolutely brilliant article, with serious conceptual chops. A thickening/broadening of TIS, forcing you to think more "within" a sector, seeing the different ways a mature/declining sector might go (or rather, actors within it might go - a real Theseus' ship situation there...) Andersen, A. and Gulbrandsen, M. 2020. The innovation and industry dynamics of... Continue Reading →

“Incumbent actors as niche agents”

Späth, P., Rohracher, H., and von Radecki, A., 2016. Incumbent actors as niche agents: the German car industry and the taming of the “Stuttgart E-mobility region”. Sustainability, 8 (3), 252. doi:10.3390/su8030252      I read this for more on the "how incumbents behave" question, and it didn't disappoint. As folks (including in articles I've read this month)... Continue Reading →

“Green ideology: A discursive reading”

Another one of non-specific/instrumentalist "use" to my overarching project. I came to this - Stavrakakis, Y. (1997). Green ideology: A discursive reading. Journal of Political Ideologies, 2, 259–279 via the fab paper on BP and hegemonisation I read a little while ago. In it Stavrakakis uses some Lacan (really not my cup of tea) and... Continue Reading →

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