Looting the Ivory Tower: “Managing transition risk”, oil companies and #climate

Another day, another top notch academic article, turned into a glib 2 min 20 second video... "Managing transition risk: Toward an interdisciplinary understanding of strategies in the oil industry" [aka Why existing academic concepts fall short of capturing the messy complexity of #EnergyTransition and what needs to be done] Here's the video https://twitter.com/marcsrhudson/status/1634577726945329154 This is... Continue Reading →

Serious fun – on using jokes/fables to explain academic and political concepts (cows, au pairs and snow ploughs)

We all need better "cognitive maps," as Freddie Jameson called them all the way back in 1984, in his pivotal article "Postmodernism, or the cultural logic of late capitalism." Cognitive maps are devices that help us orientate ourselves, understand all the blizzards of stimuli, ideas, messages, signs, whatever you want to call them. Those who... Continue Reading →

Enduring academic patronage

"At that moment she realized that he had enrolled himself in the class of persons (usually but not always ex-students) who take it for granted that Vinnie will write them recommendations, give them letters of introduction to colleagues abroad, read their books and articles, and take an interest in their personal and professional happiness. Typically,... Continue Reading →

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