Federal Election 1990

The one where the Liberals had a better climate policy (or rather, stronger target) than the Labor Party, and it was won with Green preferences…

See ‘The Greening of Australian Politics’ Melbourne: Longman Cheshire.
edited by Clive Bean, Ian McAllister and John Warhurst

Stutchbury, M, 1990. Australia’s Greenhouse Dilemma disregarded by election campaign. The Australian Financial Review, 7 March, p.16.  It begins thusly –

KEEN to be green, Mr Hawke and Mr Peacock are falling over each other to prove their environmental credentials on issues dear to the hearts of swinging voters, such as mining in national parks, logging of native forests and pollution of beaches.

Typical of this election campaign, by far the biggest environmental issue confronting the world and Australia in the 1990s – the international response to the greenhouse effect of global temperature warming – has hardly rated a mention.

For the next Australian Government, the big environmental problem will not be global warming (which will come later to a highly uncertain extent), but the likely international agreements designed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced by the combustion of fossil fuels.

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