Magpie 27 – 0dds and Ends – “Global Forum ’94

Global Forum ’94 – This event was launched with much hype and a slick photo-video show at Manchester Town Hall. The Great Hall was packed and Sir Gil Thompson chaired a panel of those who, we assume, knew something about the subject. The Golden Leaf (from the Tree of Life) was delivered to the event, by hand, from Rio, where the Earth Summit took place. So what’s it all about? The theme of the Forum is sustainable development in cities as envisaged in Rio’s Agenda 21. One got the impression that some of those present thought that sustainable development included building lots of offices and super-stores and expanding Manchester Airport. Maybe it would be better to use the phrase “sustainable society” and in future look for a city where we produced locally to meet local need. If the event comes off, in June 1994, we will see what those in authority have in mind.

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