Policy style

“We do not equate ‘implementation style’ with ‘policy style’ as described by Richardson et al. (1982), though the two concepts are closely related. Policy style includes what we mean by implementation style: that is, the nature of the networks of interests of policy communities that are involved in policy implementation. But policy style is also more expansive on the input side, and would include some of the nature of pressures that lead to legislative change: that is, it includes elements that focus on policy attention. Implementation style is thus a subset of policy style, and we capture the missing elements under policy attention.”

pp. 83-4.

Dowding, K., Hindmoor, A. and Martin, A. 2013. Australian Public Policy: Attention, Content and Style. Australian Journal of Public Administration. Vol. 72 (2), pp. 82-88.

The citation is to – Richardson, J., G. Gustafsson and G. Jordan. 1982. ‘The Concept of Policy Style’, in Jeremy Richardson (ed.), Policy Styles in Western Europe. London: George Allen and Unwin, 1– 16.

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