Henry Review

Tax review, established after the 2020 conference in April 2008 (Swan and Rudd dispute whose idea it was – see Kelly, 2014).

In terms of participation, the five-person Review Panel included business and academic representatives as well as the Secretaries of Treasury and the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

At the level of process and consultation the Henry Tax Review was more open and deliberative than previous reviews. Discussion papers were published in 2008 and the panel took submissions from 1,500 individuals, community organisations and business groups (AFTS 2009, 115). This input was supplemented with public consultations as well as formal stakeholder meetings. In summary, the Henry Review was innovative, open and deliberative and arguably represented best practice in terms of tax policy development.

(Eccleston and Marsh, 2011: 443)

Eccleston, R. and Marsh, I. 2011. The Henry Tax Review, Cartel Parties and the Reform Capacity of the Australian State. Australian Journal of Political Science, Vol. 46:3, pp. 437-45.,

See also

Grattan, M. and Khadem, N. 2008. Labour pledges giant review of tax and welfare. The Age, 12 May. http://www.theage.com.au/news/federal-budget/giant-review-of-tax-and-welfare-labor/2008/05/11/1210444243778.html


Finally released in early 2010, many recommendations, most of which were not implemented, of course, but one caused a little difficulty – a Resources Super-Profit Tax… Which had some impacts…

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