Policy Dynamics

In Punctuated Equilibrium, the study of changes (‘faster faster pussycat’, or then again ‘sloooowwwwweeerr sloooowwwwwer, Mr Snail’) in the rate of change.

“This paper presents the theoretical introduction for a forthcoming edited book with the same title. We review the importance of a punctuated equilibrium view of the political system. We note the importance of negative feedback systems in inducing long periods of stability in policy outcomes. We note the fundamental linkage between these periods of stability and the periodic punctuations that arise from positive feedback systems when these come into operation. We discuss the importance of institutional design and institutional change in these processes. Finally, we note the importance of a complete view of politics. Both negative and positive feedback systems are fundamental to the nature of politics; they should be fundamental to our theories of politics as well.”

Baumgarnter, F. and Jones, B. (eds) 2002. Policy Dynamics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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