Access goods

Access. Political access is a valuable resource that can contribute to a firm’s competitive advantage in the political arena and, subsequently, in the marketplace (Bonardi, 2011). It is a prerequisite for building strategic alliances with legislators and regulators (Schuler et al., 2002) and a necessary condition to exercise influence in legislative processes in the EU (Bouwen, 2002) as well as in other jurisdictions. However, access is also a relatively scarce resource that may be difficult to obtain, and for which the polity may require something in return. What the nature of such ‘access goods’ (Bouwen, 2002) might be, is likely to vary across legislations as well as between politicians and administrators.

(den Hond et al. 2014:799)

den Hond, F. Rehbein, K.,  Bakker, F. and  Lankveld, H.2014. Playing on Two Chessboards: Reputation Effects between Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) and Corporate Political Activity ( CPA). Journal of Management Studies, Vol.51(5), pp.790-81.

The Bouwen 2002 citation is this –

Bouwen, P. (2002). ‘Corporate lobbying in the European Union’. Journal of European Public Policy, 9, 365–90.

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