White Paper on CPRS (December 2008)

“Australia’s Low Pollution Future” released 15 December 2008 by Rudd government as part of the long tortured and finally implode-y journey to Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (2008-9 legislation)

Major controversy at the time was the weak emissions reduction target it set.


Chubb, 2014, p 50 describes it as an “unfathomable embarrassment”

Garnaut, R. 2008. Oiling the squeaks. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 December

got stuck into it as giving away too much to the polluters (on basis of lobbying)

context of this – “Australia would have taken a step where several countries have stumbled and in times that are difficult for the domestic and international economies. It would have taken this step in the context of the most pervasive vested-interest pressure on the policy process since the Scullin Government and of the most expensive, elaborate and sophisticated lobbying pressure on the policy process ever.”

Kelly, 2014

Pearse, R. 2015.

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