2010 Greens proposal for carbon tax

So, after the Liberals toppled Turnbull, and Copenhagen flopped, and while Rudd blinked on climate change, the Greens put forward a plan…

Kirk, A. 2010. Greens propose interim carbon tax. ABC, 20 January


As Paddy Manning wrote-


But there is one tenable, market-based climate policy on the table: the Australian Greens compromise proposal for an interim carbon price starting at $23 a tonne of carbon dioxide.

Most people have either ignored or misunderstood what the Greens offered to discuss with the government in January. If they ignored it, it was because they rightly assumed there was Buckley’s chance of this government doing a deal with the Greens. If they misunderstood it, it was probably because they wrongly assumed the proposal was for a temporary fix.

The idea of the Greens was that a fixed carbon price would increase at 4 per cent, plus the consumer price index, each year until at least July 2012.

Manning, P. 2010. One climate policy, and it only comes in Green. The Age, 5 May.



Green groups mostly got on board with it, with reservations


Spratt, D. 2010. The greens’ proposal for a carbon tax. Climate Code Red.


See also

Alcorn, Z. 2010. Greens put carbon tax on the agenda. Green Left Weekly, 31 January.




Two curiosities-

it doesn’t (to my recollection) turn up in the Chubb, Kelly or Combet books

the $23 figure turned up a year later….

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