Demand-pull absorptive capacity


Abstract: “The main purpose of this study is to provide stronger quantitative evidence in the field of organizational absorptive capacity research by using a more direct measure of absorptive capacity and a wide range of variables in a cross-nationally tested structural model. The results show that there exist two kinds of absorptive capacity: demand-pull and science-push. Their most important determinants proved to be internal R&D, training of personnel, innovation co-operation and attitude toward change. Both kinds of absorptive capacity are positively related to product and process innovation output. Therefore, absorptive capacity is to be given more attention in the future research and innovation policy considerations.”

Murovec, N., Prodan, I., 2009. Absorptive capacity, its determinants, and influence on innovation output: cross-cultural validation of the structural model. Technovation 29, 859–872.

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