Technical Feasibility

Within the policy stream of Multiple Streams Analysis there are series of “criteria” by which proposed policies will be judged.  (Effectiveness is not necessarily high on the list, if you will allow me a moment’s cynicism).

One is “technical feasibility” – can it be done with ‘existing’ or ‘easily called into existence’ resources. Of course, vested interests will always try to say that policy x is unworkable, mad, utopian etc etc (unless they see money in it, naturlich).

“the technical ability to actually create and/or implement the proposal is at least a possibility” (Jones et al. 2016:16)

Jones, M. Peterson, H., Pierce, J. Herweg, N., Bernal, A., Lambert Raney, H. and Zahariadas, N. 2016. A River Runs Through It: A Multiple Streams Meta-Review. Policy Studies Journal, Vol. 44, pp.13-36.

See also instrument constituencies, policy entrepreneurs and so on

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