Neologism of the decade: nihiliberalism

(or should that be nihilogism of the decade?) There's this and this bit of an interview with the late Mark Fisher. "Now we are faced with nihiliberalism rather than neoliberalism. The phrases justifying neoliberalism are mechanistically repeated, but there’s no real conviction in it anymore." Hat-tip to @Dant_Lane for bringing this to my attention. Basically,... Continue Reading →

Converging what where? – Of helixes, quasi-industrial policy and incantations

There’s a story, surely apocryphal, of Shakespeare being locked in attic room and only given food in exchange for pages of an overdue play script.  That tactic -  “sliding pizza under the door in exchange for good ideas” is something that gets talked about in “strategic niche management.” Its cousin, pump-priming and state-agency-as-facilitator/networker was... Continue Reading →

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