Deregulatory ecological modernisation

“We find the APP embodies a discourse of what we call ‘deregulatory ecological modernisation’ that promotes limited public funding to ease informational failures in markets for cleaner technologies and management practices.
The deregulatory ecological modernisation discourse is a deeply intensive market liberal approach to international climate change policy, which contests binding emission reduction targets and the development of a global carbon market. The USA, Australia, Japan and Canada represented a core group of countries that used the APP to promote the deregulatory ecological modernisation discourse and thereby contest any deepening of developed nations’ emission reduction targets for the post-2012 period.”

McGee, J. and Taplin, R. 2009. The role of the Asia Pacific Partnership in discursive contestation of the international climate regime. International Environ Agreements (2009) 9:213–238
DOI 10.1007/s10784-009-9101-2

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