Boundary Objects and good advice.

You know the old joke - "I'm a sex object. I ask for sex, and people object"? No, well, now you do... Boundary objects are, according to wikipedia - "In sociology, a boundary object is information, such as specimens, field notes, and maps, used in different ways by different communities. Boundary object are plastic, interpreted... Continue Reading →

Social Media Advice for Conferences

A while back I went to a "how to 'do' social media for (academic conferences).  Typed up stuff and... left it on my desktop... Good advice includes; start early have a separate email address (also makes it easier to get a twitter account) don't overcommit to stuff (if you're not populating a blog/updating a twitter... Continue Reading →

Of Leviathans, the Tube and #climate crisis.

The last post was about what happens to technologies that challenge the “Leviathan” - of hierarchy, class, habit and the external and internal oppositions. It's worth a read, and I can say that because there are big slabs of quotations from two brilliant articles (about the 1970s industrial-policy-from-below Lucas Plan, and the present problems of... Continue Reading →

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