How/when to criticise environmental activists for being “stupid, unhelpful, lazy.” (spoiler: it’s not when they refuse to join cheerleading for aggro-capitalism)

This is going to be sweary. If you are all Omar Little, and don't like swearing, then look away now. For fucking fuckity fucking fuck's fucking sake. What kind of fucking clueless muppet chides environmentalists when they are lukewarm about some rapacious purveyor of salt, sugar, fat and protein getting in on the fake meat... Continue Reading →

We need to see what isn’t there

Quick thought, because a) working on an overdue Doctor Who article, b) working on The Job (CCS) and c) have a call imminently with an old friend. So much of what frustrates me about me/social movement organisations comes down to the inability/unwillingness (because it's hard, and if you don't practice, you never get better --... Continue Reading →

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