Socio-political legitimacy

Cognitive legitimacy refers to “knowledge about the new activity and what is needed to succeed in an industry” and socio-political legitimacy refers to the “the value placed on an activity by cultural norms and political authorities” (Aldrich and Fiol, 1994: 648).

(Bohnsack et al. 2016: 18)

Bohnsack, R. Pinske, J. and Waelpoel. A. 2016. The institutional evolution process of the global solar industry: The role of public and private actors in creating institutional shifts. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Vol. 20, pp.16-32.

citation is to this –

Aldrich, H.E., Fiol, C.M., 1994. Fools rush in? The institutional context of industry creation. Acad. Manage. Rev. 19, 645–670.

see also legitimacy, cultural legitimacy, normative legitmacy, regulatory legitimacy, cognitive legitmacy

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