They are supposed to be SOCIAL movements, not personal ones: Of McNulty, metrics and #MeOnly

Warning - incoherent-and-dashed-off-when I-should-be-thinking-and-writing-about-Something-Else rant Measuring "success" of social movements is notoriously difficult. Did a law get passed? Repealed? Did social attitudes change? Over what timescale? Who did what to what effect? Or did things change BACK, or not change (not all social movements are 'progressive'!). And on and on. But sometimes an organisation comes... Continue Reading →

Karma does what karma does.

About 15 years ago I went on a training day (it didn’t work – I stayed a douche). It was union steward training. Mostly those days were death by powerpoint, info-deficit tosh.  This one thing I am about to describe, though, it stands out. It was a card game/exercise.  Each individual was given a card... Continue Reading →

Infiltration and environmental movements – what is to be done? #ExtinctionRebellion #climatebreakdown #spycops

The future is not written, but there are several excruciatingly safe bets about the years ahead. atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane will continue to rise poor people will suffer the resultant impacts of #climatebreakdown hard and first the state will try to suppress social movements which seek to do anything about rendering these... Continue Reading →

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