Federal Election 1993

Against all expectations, Keating defeats John ‘Fightback!’ Hewson…

Climate change simply off the agenda….

“In a political climate of the worst recession in 60 years, and with a million Australians out of work – as Hewson never tired of telling us- he set out three years ago, almost from the very day he became leader, to construct a set of policies even more odious and divisive to a majority of Australians than the hardship and dislocation of a 10-year-old government’s persistent mistakes and misjudgements in the management of the economy.”
Ramsey, A.   1993. Hewson Loses the Unloseable. Sydney Morning Herald, March 15.
(Ramsey, 2009:84)

“There is no doubt as Opposition Leader running into the March 1993 poll Hewson appeared to go out of his way to alienate some sections of the community.
He attacked renters and nurses, savaged the country’s peak welfare group, ACOSS, and refused to even meet with the Australian Conservation Foundation.”
Milne, G. 1994. Drive for a ‘Rainbow Coalition’ is leaving Hewson Black and Blue. The Australian Financial Review, 7 March, p 16.


Toyne, P. 1993. Environment forgotten in the race to the Lodge. Canberra Times, 8 March p. 11. http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/127200519

See also Peter Christoff’s 1994 article on this.

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