Magpie 32 Bellamy Bites Back

Anon (1994) Bellamy Bites Back.Magpie 32, p.18.

Why did the redoubtable, and much sought after, Dr. David Bellamy refuse to address both the Global Forum and the International Academic Conference twinned with Global Forum? Because of the destruction of Abbey Pond. How do we know? He wrote to say so (to the board of Global Forum – Prof. Ian Douglas [MU]). Delegates knew he was missing but didn’t know why. MW made sure that at least the academics knew why! No comfort to Abbey Pond but slight satisfaction for us in view of the deafening silence from the same Manchester Academics who had promoted the pond 10 years ago, because it suited their purposes at the time. They will know who we mean.

At least the Global Forum has got people talking and doing. MW had an entertaining evening with Chorlton Civic Society on the topic of Local Agenda 21 – The new Wildlife Action Packs sold well – excellent value at £4!

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