Policy stages

Yes, it’s not fashionable (or perhaps right? – the two can after all overlap) to think of policy in terms of happening in distinct ‘stages’ – it’s all far messier, iterative, recombinant, dialectical (add other terms as suits your mood).

Policy processes are nonlinear, the different stages interact, and the politics from one stage often spills over into other stages, as the three empirical papers illustrate. Furthermore, coalitions and political and policy entrepreneurs move among decision settings. (Weible and Schlager. 2016:9)

Weible, C. and Schlager, E. 2016. The Multiple Streams Approach at the Theoretical and Empirical Crossroads: An Introduction to a Special Issue. Policy Studies Journal, Vol 44, (1), pp.5-12



agenda formation (agenda denial)

Agenda entrance and Agenda Setting

Policy Formulation

Decision making

Policy Implementation

Policy Evaluation

There, that feels better (for me at least)

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