Political influence strategy

Political influence strategies are firm-level actions undertaken for the purpose of mobilizing support for the firm’s interests. This distinction between compliance and influence is consistent with a stakeholder management perspective (Freeman, 1984; Mitchell, Agle, & Wood, 1997; Rowley & Moldoveanu, 2003), with Boddewyn and Brewer’s (1994) emphasis on compliance as a distinct form of political behavior from influence, and with the growing body of literature on responses to sustainable development regulation (Gladwin, Kennelly, & Krause, 1995; Shrivastava, 1995), which has increasingly stressed the “distinction between firms that are compliance-driven . . . and those that adopt more proactive environmental strategies” (Buysse & Verbeke, 2003: 453).

(Oliver and Holzinger, 2008: 505)

Oliver, C. and Holzinger, I. 2008. The effectiveness of strategic political management: A dynamic capabilities framework.  Academy of Management Review, Vol. 33, (2), pp.496-520.

see also Strategy, political compliance

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