Books I definitely didn’t buy/get given

Chandler, A. 1977. The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business. Cambridge, Mass: The Belknap Press.  [Chomsky rates this one highly. Definitely didn't buy this for 99p in Lancaster.] Fromm, E. 2003. Marx's concept of Mann. London: Continuum. [Definitely didn't buy this for 50p in Lancaster.] Lawson, N. 2008. An Appeal to Reason: A... Continue Reading →

Now THAT’s a life: Louis Herren

"When a politician tells you something in confidence, always ask yourself Why is this lying bastard lying to me?" Always good advice, I think. Louis Heren, the guy behind it, led an extra-ordinary life.  And I'd never heard of him. Louis Philip Heren (6 February 1919 - 26 January 1995) was a foreign correspondent. He... Continue Reading →

All in the game, you feel me?! Academia and The Wire.

Come hell or high water, this is getting cited in The Thesis. Zundel, M., Holt, R., & Cornelissen, J. (2012). Institutional work in The Wire: An ethological investigation of flexibility in organizational adaptation. Journal of Management Inquiry, doi:10.1177/1056492612440045 Analysis of institutional work is habitually complicated by the need to combine agentic and structural features. Drawing... Continue Reading →

Pigs might fly, (in comfort) – on sociotechnical transitions, streams and social movements

"This eventually led to the development of a new pigsty concept called Pigs in Comfort Class (PCC) with a term derived from the aviation sector. [Regular sties were basically designed according to economic criteria, thus housing pigs in ‘economy class’. In contrast, the new stables were called ‘comfort class’, because pigs were much better off.]" This above is from... Continue Reading →

Immune systems as two-way metaphors…

Donna Haraway is awesome.  Has lots to say about metaphors and science, especially around immune systems.  Immune systems are something I am interested in (For The Thesis). And so I came to read this - Anderson, W. 2014. Getting Ahead of One’s Self? The Common Culture of Immunology and Philosophy. Isis, 105, pp.606-616. Which is... Continue Reading →

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