Books I definitely did not buy today

Down to Withington to get anti-worming stuff from the vet for the stripey monster (and tell captive audience a terrible joke) get someone to succeed in shutting my "talking shoe" up buy new (second-hand) jeans. As Mr. Loaf sings, two outa three ain't bad.  And I absotively posilutely did not buy four books for the... Continue Reading →

More apocalyptic word salad

  A species corsuscating on thin ice, Snap, crackle, pop. Faster faster (or else), kill (the) pussycat. How I wonder what you’re at. Kill them all Let the gods we kept creating in our own image sort them out. A fetish for fish, a fetish For bondage, human bondage. Ah, a sondage would show -has... Continue Reading →

Phantastic objects and concept fetishism

What are phantastic objects? This - phantastic objects are subjectively very attractive “objects” (people, ideas or things) which people find highly exciting and idealise. They engage core biological and psychological processes of human attachment and falling in love so that people seek to attach themselves to them because they imagine (feel rather than think) they... Continue Reading →

Thrashing thrashing

Ah, we have so many ways of distracting ourselves. Most of us do, anyway. I quite like this (though a brain is not a computer!) It is the same with a computer cache: there will be a hierarchy - from super-fast memory in the microprocessor itself all the way down to a hard drive (slow)... Continue Reading →

Glossaries and my undiagnosed CDO

CDO?  That's OCD, in the correct alphabetical order, dammit. So, it's been an interesting couple of weeks.  Quite stressful.  And one of the ways I cope with stress (a displacement activity, perhaps) is to try to categorise information. It somehow soothes me.  Go figure. Here are five glossaries that I've worked on (some I started quite a... Continue Reading →

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