Adventures in policy concepts…

Public policy for fun and ... profit?  I've been on a major reading binge over the last month or so (Policy Studies Journal, I'm looking at you). Most of that has been around three theories/frameworks/models - Advocacy Coalitions Framework, Punctuated Equilibrium and Multiple Streams. Why? To try to test/extend the Dialectical Issue LifeCycle Model, especially... Continue Reading →

On “Open Space” and tosspots…

Marc Hudson has been to one too many event that describes itself as “open space”. The fightback starts here.[Update: here's how he'd have done it] The Evil Corporations and their Evil State lackeys are trying to defeat us!! They constantly steal our ideas, water them down, and then use them to sell their own very... Continue Reading →

Drawing the threads together

Ariadne wanted to weave a tale to get her man safe out of the maze... I could do with an Ariadne watching over me, but then couldn't we all.  This will have to do. This site is going to be big, and will occasionally be clever, if only because I will be writing about clever... Continue Reading →

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