Protected spaces

“Protected spaces in the form of ‘nursing markets’ (Ericcson and Maitland, 1989) are normally required so that a ‘learning space’ is opened up, in which the TIS can find a place to be formed (Kemp et al., 1998) Within such an environment, actors can learn about and develop the new technology and expectations can be formed. One option is the formation of niche markets (Schot and Hoogma, 1994) for specific applications.”

Page 86 Bergek, Hekkert and Jacobsson (2008) in Foxon, Kohler and Oughton

Kemp, R., J Schot and R. Hoogma (1998). “Regime shifts to sustainability through processes of niche formation: the approach of Strategic Niche Management.” Technology Analysis and Strategic Management  10 (2): 175-195

(not all protected spaces are niches, not all niches are protected spaces)

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