Scientists studiously avoid renewables policy while “digging deeper into the Technology Investment Roadmap.”

Last week leading Australian scientists and technology experts studiously avoided talking about the government’s ongoing hostility to renewables while studiously “Digging deeper into the Technology Investment Roadmap” The event, organised by the Energy Change Institute of Australian National University was useful and informative as far as it went, with Alan Finkel repeating the lines we... Continue Reading →

What *kind* of Green new deal are we talking about?

Two University of Melbourne academics have delivered a gloomy outlook for economic and social transformation under the banner of a “green new deal” in Australia.  Speaking at a seminar titled "The Green New Deal - Opportunities and Obstacles: Comparing Proposals in Europe, the US and Australia" Peter Christoff and Robyn Eckersley argued that undue political... Continue Reading →

Kwasi Kwarteng at #Smartenergysummit

I've had several pieces published on the excellent recently (see here, here and here).One I wrote which I think didn't make the cut (#themomenthaspassed) was about the performance and reception of Kwasi Kwarteng, UK minister for business, energy and clean growth at the recent Smart Energy Summit. It would be a tragedy if these... Continue Reading →

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